Sunday, May 11, 2008

cars and trampolines

At 9:15 pm a neighbor rang my doorbell and said, "I thought you should know, your neighbors tampoline is on top of your cars." Sure enough there giant, very heavy trmapoline had blown over the fence into our drive way and on top of my car and my mothers old van. This is what happened to my car-

A rush of neighbors came and helped us move the trampoline back to where it belonged. My car was closet to my house while my mom's car was closer to the trampoline, there is not a stratch on my mothers 20 year old piece of junk. Can you believe this? My wonderfull brother just spent 20 min picking peices of glass off of my parking passes. I still have no idea how the wind blew this giant tramp onto our cars!!
Also my mother pulled the car in the driveway about an hour before the incident, she had taken the "gypsy bug" sticker off my car and wanted to surprise me. So I hope I get a rental car soon. I have places to be and people to see.